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  1. DjIch1

    1.1 Changelog:


    • Zombie spawn increased
    • Vehicle spawn increased

    Loot Spawn:

    • Flashlight attachment for weapons should spawn now
    • New vehicles should spawn now


    • Military loot buildings added in the north-east corner

    Huge thanks  to  ShksbrS for providing the  following map structures:

    • Bigger military camp near Balota
    • Added some military buildings at Green Mountain
    • Military camp near north east-airfield added
    • Survivor camp at Guglovo added (might be a safezone for trading in the future)
    • and some other minor stuff to discover...




  2. DjIch1

    Hier findet ihr eine kleine Vorlage wie ein Support Anfrage aussehen könnte sodass wir die notwendigen Infos auf einen Blick beisammen haben:

    Steam Name:

    Ingame Name (falls abweichend):

    Beschreibung des Problems: